JYJ’s Junsu Membuat Cover Lagu “Fox Rain”


JYJ Junsu membuat cover lagu “Fox Rain”.

Para penggemar Junsu terdiam dan kagum mendengar suara Junsu yang unik tersebut. Fans telah menyatakan cinta mereka dan ingin Junsu terus bernyanyi, mendengar dia bernyanyi sangat menyenangkan. Suara Junsu membuat hati penggemar meleleh.

Lagu “Fox Rain” adalah OST dari drama populer, “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” yang dibintangi oleh Lee Seunggi dan Shin Minah.



Pada menit ke 04:09 dari video, sebuah quote masa lalu Junsu ditampilkan:

“Happiness is more than dreaming about what I cannot have. I think I will obtain it by appreciating what I am having at the moment. No matter if there is only 1 or 100 of the fans who make me happy, even if there is only one stage for me, I will still do my best and show a good performance. If there are still people who love my music, like waves, like winds, I will fly to wherever that is and sing. Today. I am happy that I am able to be with everyone who is here to tell me they are happy because of me. Thank you very much and I love you.”

Credit : XIA_baby via XIA_world, XIA DAY | YT

Translated by MinL of KoreanShowbizz



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